Recover your property with Honeypea

There are lots of reasons why properties might become disused, and there are numerous challenges that come along with it.

You can ask us to manage your empty property on your behalf.

Subject to factors like planning, size and location, there are a range of options available to you as a property owner, including a custodian scheme, a rental agreement, or a profit sharing agreement.

Contact us to kickstart a conversation. We’ll be glad to help. All we ask is that your vision for the building has to have a community oriented aspect to it. For example, we like to focus on creating accessible and affordable spaces.

First, we're going to ask you about the site or building you need assistance with. We're then going to ask you for your contact details.

We will never pass your details onto a third party without your permission.

About the building or site

For example, if you have a vision for the site and what it could become, please let us know. We like community-driven ideas, and we like supporting small businesses.

This is optional, but we find photos incredibly helpful in assessing how quickly we can turn a site around, or how much time/money is required to bring the site back into use.

About you.