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Update: Getting a Cortisol Pump

Having had the pump for more than two weeks now I thought I would do a quick update

The Good

I have found it very easy to change my dose and can get relief from any symptoms very quickly. I thought that I would be able to reduce my dose fairly quickly but I have been requiring extra quite regularly, this may be because of an infection that has just reared its phlegmy head though.

I managed to have some of the best sleep I have had in YEARS! When I first got the pump and would wake up during the night I was initially panicking that I had dislodged or disconnected my pump but that concern is lessening now.

The Bad

The cannula site has given me more trouble than I anticipated. I managed to dislodge the cannula in my sleep (ouch) and then had to change cannula sites in the middle of the night. I think I might do a trial with a slightly different cannula to see if it is more or less comfortable, currently I use the Medtronic MiniMed Silhouette.

After having a couple of less than ideal tries with the Medtronic MiniMed Sil-serter I would not recommend using it, I thought I would use it temporarily as I got used to having to jab my belly but I think it might be better to jump in at the deep end instead of trying to rely on any gadgets to help.

I also seem to be experiencing some strange little pinching pains over my stomach, in areas where the cannula isn’t placed. It isn’t painful but it does make me check that the cannula is ok and not getting pulled.

I still haven’t completely nailed down the whole washing with a pump thing, you can disconnect to have a shower but I prefer having a bath which is longer than I feel comfortable being disconnected and the dressing gets wet. I am confident I will find something to help or come up with a solution, in the meantime enjoy my very… creative solution.

yup a plastic bag with a paperclip and some hairbands suspending it

The Ugly

My stomach is covered in little red dots and the remnants of the dressing adhesive (I did just get some adhesive remover). I don’t tend to flash my belly so I don’t really mind but I could see it being an issue for people.

I was initially quite concerned with hiding the pump, site and infusion set. I purchased a number of items to help with keeping things hidden but have not been using them much. I think they will mostly be saved for occasions when I am getting dressed up and want to hide the bulky pump.

My preference for now is to clip my pump somewhere secure and have the infusion set tucked away to prevent it from getting caught. I have noticed that only health care professionals seem to notice the pump, the general public have completely ignored it and I think that is because it looks like it could be some kind of fitness device. Although I would add that generally my experience with disability has been quite different to most peoples, I almost never have comments from the general public and I assume that is down to my Concentrating Terrifying Face. It is like Resting Bitch Face but instead of looking grumpy I look like I am about to glass someone, I only learnt about this later on in my working life and can only imagine what my patients thought of me.

Looking Forward

I am still very new to using the pump and seeing how my body reacts to it, I am very pleased that I am able to alter my dose so easily and notice the differences very quickly. I currently have a chest infection and I don’t feel like I might just die at any minute, I am pretty pleased about that.

I will do another update in the future with how things are progressing but I will likely be back to more food and garden related content in the meantime.

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