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Our feathery little dinosaurs

It has always been my dream to have chickens running around in my garden and being able to collect fresh eggs right from the feathery source!
I found out that you could adopt ex cage or barn hens from the British Hen Welfare Trust and promptly did so!
Collection day consisted of heading over to one of the pick up sites, the BHWT provide great advice on what you need to have prepared before picking up and they gave advice about how to pick up and look after the hens when meeting them.
Collection Day

Very unhappy in the box

They have settled in well, they have established their pecking order and now everybody knows their place. I appear to be at the bottom of the pecking order as I get eaten everytime I go to visit them!
Because of my Addison’s I find mornings to be quite difficult, I didn’t want the chickens to be in a tiny coop until I would be able to drag myself up and out because they really are early birds. I purchased a large run and an automatic door opener with light sensor to let them out for food and water until they can run around, destroy the garden and terrify all the local cats.
Having a treat
They assist with the garden, mostly by destroying everything in sight, they have helped with an ant hill and clearing out the raised beds ready for planting.

Water, water everywhere…

We get more eggs than we know what to do with, even with baking regularly and making a variety of egg dishes! 
First egg
Overall I think they make wonderful pets, they are funny and full of personality as well as providing fresh eggs every day!

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