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Hello and welcome to Honeypea House

In this blog I will be exploring the challenging world of cooking a modified FODMAP diet, the difficulties of gardening with pets and disabilities as well as a spot of DIY here and there.

To get it all out of the way, I will tell you a bit about myself.

In 2016 I became unwell, despite religiously getting my flu jab every year I unfortunately caught pneumonia and my health spiraled downwards for the next year and I was eventually diagnosed with Addison’s Disease. Recovery has been slow and I haven’t always made as much progress as I would like but things are starting to look a lot safer and brighter. Addison’s Disease is when a person has low or no Cortisol, this may be due to adrenal glands or pituitary not working and there can be several causes for this. Cortisol is commonly known as the “stress hormone” but its role in the body is wide ranging and still being researched.

After having a difficult time with my digestion, losing a lot of weight and struggling to maintain my vitamin and mineral levels I commenced a low FODMAP diet. After the initial elimination phase I found that my stomach didn’t really agree with a great deal still, likely due to being in the recovery stage of my Addison’s so I have maintained a fairly low FODMAP diet with the hopes of repeating my testing stage in the future. The recipes I will be sharing will not be entirely FODMAP free and some may not be suitable for those in the elimination stage but they can hopefully provide some variation and interest in your diet. FODMAPs are a collection of certain sugars that aren’t absorbed properly in the gut, this can trigger symptoms in some people with IBS. FODMAPs are found naturally in many foods and reducing or avoiding FODMAPs that your body cannot absorb is the basis of the low FODMAP diet. If you would like to read about the FODMAP diet then I will direct you to Monash University as they are the ones who figured it all out.

If you would like to read about Addison’s disease then I recommend the Addison’s Disease Self Help Group as they are a wonderful charity who have done a lot to raise awareness and clinical guidance.

Thank you for reading.

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